How to Say "No" in your Workplace

What's in a word? Does  no just mean no? No it doesn't. Not in the workplace. And that's why a good and healthy workplace will try to qualify and explain "no" in a clear and effective manner. If you're a business owner or manager, saying this word properly is a great skill. It's also difficult because you may be required to make decisions that weigh up individual employee needs or combined team needs and/or customer needs, against your business and even your own personal and professional preferences. In short it gets confusing. A simple query from one customer or employee can turn into a mine of contradictory and conflicting considerations that need to be weighed up and considered. 

So, how then do you proceed? Here are 10 tips to help you say "no" when you need to, in your workplace: 

  1. Make sure the request is within your scope. Are you the right person to be giving an answer here?
  2. Don't give an answer right away unless you're experienced enough to give a clear "NO". Take your time - the customer or employee deserves a bit of thought.
  3. Tell the person you'll have a think about the request...

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